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We help Australian organisations protect against rapidly emerging cybersecurity threats by providing access to cutting-edge software and live-fire simulated training directly from Israel.

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Cell-Cyber unlocks access to world-leading cybersecurity software & education providers that are battle-tested in Israel.


Israel has become a cybersecurity powerhouse; boasting the world's leading institutions, start-ups and practitioners, while Australia faces a critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Living under the constant threat of cyberwarfare, Israel has invested heavily in world-leading research and education, including extensive middle school cyber education, and six university research centres dedicated to cybersecurity. 

Cell-Cyber provides Australian companies with access to world-leading cybersecurity professionals, education and software providers in Israel.

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We're the only company in Australia delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity software developed and tested in Israel by the worlds leading cybersecurity professionals.


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Australian companies are suffering losses of more than $33B each year to increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyber attacks.


Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of new technology to manage the impact of the pandemic.


Digital transformation has unearthed new cybersecurity threats that businesses are unprepared for.


Business continuity will increasingly depend upon an embedded safety culture that has the capability to identify and address rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats.


Cell-Cyber provides on-demand access to leading Israeli cybersecurity software designed to blunt cyberattacks and specialists that offer first-hand, cutting-edge, and simulator-based training to upskill organisations’ personnel against evolving threats.

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Unlike traditional universities & registered training organisations, our training isn't delivered by academics. It's led by Israeli frontline cybersecurity practitioners. 


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Tailored Learning
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We're focused on delivering non-generic learning pathways including material tailored to your industry and organisational needs.

Safety Culture
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Training quality is all about building a sustainable and durable culture of safety, not merely focusing on the latest technology.

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Our training providers are fully-accredited, world-leading cybersecurity domain experts on the frontline of Israel's threat defence.

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Threat risk and reliable countermeasures are evolving in real-time. Our content is hyper-relevant and mission-critical. 

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We help businesses architect their cybersecurity threat defence & upskill key personnel to reduce cyber risk and maintain business continuity. Our process is open and collaborative. Let's get started.


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Strategy Workshops & Intelligence Report


Our experienced team begins to understand the unique cyber needs of your organisation and provides your team with a threat intelligence report.



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We provide access to a library of incident response playbooks to equip your team with crisis protocols & implement a suite of customised software solutions.


Training & Upskilling Learning Pathways


Continue to build your organisations cyber safety culture and engage key personnel in live-fire simulator-based training directly with Israeli practitioners.