Why adequate investment in development and cybersecurity training employees can play a crucial role for organisations in blunting the likelihood and severity of potential cyber attacks.

 cybersecurity training employees


Our corporate training pathways are cutting-edge, hyper-relevant & tailored to the unique needs of your organisation and industry. Let's get started.


We’re different from traditional Universities and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia.
Our training practitioners have extensive experience training diverse teams from technology startups and SME's to multinational organisations and governments.

We don't offer generic content. Cyber threats evolve too rapidly so our training material is constantly updated by the world's leading cyber practitioners on the frontlines of Israel's threat defence.

We tailor our learning pathways based on the unique needs of your organisation and your industry to ensure that your personnel are well equipped to deal with a dynamic, evolving and costly threat.

If you would like to explore how we can train your team, get in touch with our Sales team below to get started.

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Comprehensive Learning Pathways
Tailored Learning by Company & Industry
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Learn from Frontline Cyber Practitioners.

Cell-Cyber provides access to Israeli frontline cybersecurity practitioners & simulator-based learning pathways, delivered digitally.


Our training providers have extensive civil and military cybersecurity operational experience. We're not academics.

Cell-Cyber offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity courses, content and simulated training programs with learning pathways designed for both technical and non-technical participants, delivered digitally and on-demand.

The threat of cyber-attack has become a clear and present danger for Australian companies, with new attack vectors being weaponised each day, while the frequency and ferocity of attacks are greater than ever. 

We offer unparalleled insight and understanding of cutting-edge tools, technologies and strategies to design, implement and manage an effective threat defence and equip you with job-ready skills for a range of specialist roles. 

We Collaborate With You to Determine Unique Needs

Our experienced team begins to understand the unique training needs of your organisation.



Develop Tailored Training & Implementation Plan

We provide your team with a tailored training plan that is based on hyper-relevant industry information, the latest threats, and the unique needs of your business.


Implementation of Tailored Learning Pathways


Continue to build your organisations cyber safety culture and engage key personnel in live-fire simulator-based training directly with Israeli practitioners.