We're not academics. Our training providers have extensive civil & military cybersecurity operational experience.

Real attacks -
cybersecurity simulation.
Our learning pathways include live-fire, simulator-based, training. 

cybersecurity simulation


What is 'simulator-based' training and how is this different from traditional training providers?


Our range of simulator training scenarios contains several attack stages. Students experience a variety of different attacks and variable difficulties.

Each student will receive their own score based on the stage of training that they have achieved and our trainers can see in real-time the progress of every student and measure their progress, strengths and weaknesses.


Our training scenarios are constantly being updated within the simulator which keeps it up-to-date with the newest techniques and attack vectors.

To learn more about the Simulator please contact our Sales team.

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Our Simulator Learning Pathways are Powered by Kernelios.

We're the only cybersecurity training provider in Australia delivering Israeli-led, simulator-based training.


We don't offer generic content. Cyber threats evolve rapidly so our training material must keep pace. It's not always possible to learn adequately out of textbooks, to achieve mastery requires regular training in a simulated environment. 

We’re different from traditional Universities and Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) in Australia.

Our wide range of learning pathways combines e-classroom education using advanced and world-leading simulator-based learning environments where students can hone their capabilities in live-fire simulated cyber attacks in real-time.