Our machine-learning algorithms & dedicated HUMINT team offer a Gap Assessment that proactively identifies & helps mitigate critical vulnerabilities in your organisation. 

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To protect your organisation from a potentially devastating cyber-attack, it’s essential to identify & mitigate security gaps. Our gap assessment provides an in-depth tailored analysis of your organisations' unique risks so we can help close the gaps.


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Guided Reconnaissance & Active Monitoring


Gain real-time visibility into thousands of sources across the clear, deep, and dark web and threats targeting your network, brand, assets, and people.

External Risk and Brand Monitoring

Continuously monitor & analyze your domains, IP addresses, DLP indicators, mobile applications, social media, secret projects, technologies in use, BINs, VIP names, & emails to identify and validate threats targeting your organization.


Threat Alerting
and Categorization

Analyze and prioritize potential attacks, data leakage, brand imitation and reputation, phishing attacks, external system vulnerabilities, and VIP alerts to classify and respond to threats.


Operational Awareness

Continually share risk alerts with other departments, including Compliance, IT, Public Affairs, Legal, R&D, Fraud, & HR, to proactively manage & eliminate risks to key stakeholders.

A gap assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s cybersecurity defences. Our objective is to highlight the gaps between your current state of security and your ideal state.


Here's how our Gap Assessment process works:

AI Data


Our artificial intelligence collects data from the clear, deep and dark web to determine risks that exist inside and outside your security perimeter.

Analyst Intelligence

Our team of analysts turn raw data into actionable intelligence. We assess the data and compile a series of recommendations. 



We package up our intelligence into a Threat Report that highlights vulnerabilities and provides your organisation with a series of recommendations to close the gaps.

C:\> Gap Intelligence 

We provide your organisation with a personalised Gap Assessment to uncover security issues that may be exploited by attackers.

To protect your organization, you first need to know what assets and digital surface to protect. Argos Edge™ Attack Surface Monitoring provides automatic and complete visibility into your digital presence and helps uncover security issues and vulnerabilities that may be exploited by a potential attacker.

Contact our Sales Team to discover your organisations' critical vulnerabilities and discuss the most appropriate software mix for your company & industry.



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We make threat intelligence accessible for organizations by synthesizing complex signals captured from across the clear, deep, and dark web, into contextualized, prioritized, and actionable intelligence.


Our Gap Analysis provides organizations, of any type or scale, the benefit of external threat intelligence, digital protection and attack surface monitoring no matter the size or level of sophistication of their external threat program.

Unlike other solutions on the market, we use an array of tools that help us create a complementary and comprehensive picture of the external threats facing your company.

Our Threat Report provides a snapshot of what is happening outside of your security perimeter. Most companies only look at their perimeter to determine compliance.


We also scan outside of your perimeter. We scan the dark web to quickly find and mitigate your compromised data. 

Designed to scale, our solution is perfect for any company. We offer a tailored approach that enables companies to begin their threat intelligence, digital protection, and attack surface monitoring journey.