We help Australian organisations defend against emerging cyber-attacks by providing access to world-leading cybersecurity software developed and battle-tested in Israel.

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We help businesses architect their cybersecurity threat defence to reduce cyber risk and maintain business continuity. Our process is open and collaborative.


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Strategy Workshops & Intelligence Report


Our experienced team begins to understand the unique cyber needs of your organisation and provides your team with a threat intelligence report.



Crisis Management Playbook Library

We provide access to a library of incident response playbooks to equip your team with crisis protocols & implement a suite of customised software solutions.


Training & Upskilling Learning Pathways


Continue to build your organisations cyber safety culture and engage key personnel in live-fire simulator-based training directly with Israeli practitioners. 


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We're the only company in Australia delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity software developed and tested in Israel by the worlds leading cybersecurity professionals.


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We start by providing your organisation with a personalised vulnerability scan to uncover security issues that may be exploited by attackers.

To protect your organization, you first need to know what assets and digital surface to protect. Argos Edge™ Attack Surface Monitoring provides automatic and complete visibility into your digital presence and helps uncover security issues and vulnerabilities that may be exploited by a potential attacker.

Contact our Sales Team to discover your organisations' critical vulnerabilities and discuss the most appropriate software mix for your company & industry.



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Australian companies suffer losses of more than $33B each year to increasingly sophisticated & frequent cyber attacks.


Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of new technology to manage the impact of the pandemic.


Digital transformation has unearthed new cybersecurity threats that businesses are unprepared for.


Business continuity will increasingly depend upon an embedded safety culture that has the capability to identify and address rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats.


Cell-Cyber provides access to leading Israeli cybersecurity software to help protect against cyberattacks.