We’re on a mission to help organisations enhance their culture of safety by improving access to mission critical cutting edge cybersecurity training.

Offering a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity software, courses, content, and simulated training programs, our learning pathways are designed for both technical and non-technical participants, delivered digitally and on-demand.

Cell Cyber is a specialist Australian cybersecurity training and software provider helping digitally-enabled organisations to effectively reduce IT RTO, build strong cybersecurity safety cultures and improve resiliency to defend against emerging threats.


We’re proud to be the only cybersecurity training provider in Australia delivering mission-critical, cutting- edge and Israeli-led simulator-based training designed to upskill personnel against the latest, rapidly evolving threats.


Unlike traditional Universities and Registered Training Organisations in Australia, our training isn’t delivered by academics, it’s led by highly experienced Israeli domain experts on the frontline of Israel’s cybersecurity threat defence.  


Our specialism is your strength. Our unique suite of products and services offers clients a comprehensive and cutting-edge set of tools, training, and capability required to secure their business. 


Cell Cyber is driven by a services-first ideology focused on people, process, and disruptive technology to deliver value and confidence for our clients.


Our difference goes deeper than ‘what we do’. It’s a belief system around which we identify and deliver innovative capabilities and disruptive emerging technologies in order to effectively defend against new and improved cyber attacks.

Our Leadership Team

Our team has a diverse blend of cybersecurity, technology, product development, corporate and entrepreneurial skill and experience. 


Uzy Samorali


Managing Director


Uzy is the Founder of Unleash Design, Epico Large Format Outdoor Advertising, Co-founder and Industry Partner in Sites4Good Charity, University Hall UWA. Uzy has owned and worked in businesses with a wide international footprint.


Uzy has lived in both Israel and Germany where he studied Psychology before moving to Australia. 

Uzy specialises in online and offline sales and has consulted companies providing services to the tier one mining companies on the theoretical and practical side of their sales efforts. 


Steve Clarke




Steve Clarke is the Managing Director of Cell Media Australia and Cell Media ELearning Asia. 

Established in 2000, Cell media is a leader in innovative, multiple award-winning digital learning, specialising in site-safety awareness and training for industries including mining, oil & gas, ports and construction.

With design and management offices in Perth, Brisbane and Singapore, Cell Media has a long-established presence in Australia, several ASEAN-region countries, the US, South America and Canada.

Entering the multimedia training industry as a pioneer, Steve has qualifications in Marketing and Workplace training and assessment.


Rod Evans




Rod is the founder of the Ideas Factory Australia, an idea development consultancy, and is currently completing a PhD thesis on the role of boards in developing ideas and authoring a book on the formula for strategic success.


He lectures in strategy at Curtin University and in 2020 received Curtin's Teaching Excellence and Innovation Award for Academic Associates. Rod is on the boards of several companies, two as chairman. One of these companies received the 2018 WA Rising Star Award for a medium-sized business and another the 2020 Australian Business Award for technology innovation.